Crack Syndicate. Get free career advice.


You might have heard of restrictive DRM policies and chasing scorpions being installed into games to combat the threat from online piracy but stuff look more of a practical turn when pirates began to dig into the cracking of Syndicate‘s PC release.

When messing around the files, the pirates came across a message from the developers of the game actually suggesting that they turn over a new leap and switch over to the good side. Free career advice much.

Are you bored with watching from the sidelines? Ready to make the switch? Do you have considerable talents in any of the following areas? Art, modeling, texturing, sound design. Programming. Game design?

If you meet one or more of those criteria, and want to be a part of the fun, email us at today!

Pretty hard to give a normal reaction to something like this but well it is a practically finer thing on Starbreeze‘s part to deal with this the way they currently are. Best of luck in converting the unscrupulous.

[via Torrent Freak]


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